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9JA settlement services

The Nigerian Canadian Association of Saskatoon (NCAS) through the Membership and Newcomer’s Initiative Committee is launching a Settlement Service Program called 9ja Settlement Services. 
This initiative is aimed at delivering settlement services to all Nigerians who are migrating to Saskatoon from within and outside of Canada. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to ensure that Nigerians who are newcomers in Saskatooon are successfully integrated into their new community.
As part of this initiative, NCAS is now offering airport pickup services to Nigerians landing in Saskatooon for the first time. This service is open to new migrants only.
We will also be looking for volunteers to join this new inciative. If you feel you can help, please join the group to help our brothers and sisters settle properly based on your availability.
We need more volunteers 
Please contact the association if you know of anyone/family landing in Saskatooon.